tutoringWhile tutoring is available to all full-time WorldOver International School students at no additional charge (a significant value-add), our renowned tutors are also available to other students and families. Whether you are a part-time learner or new to WorldOver and interested solely in tutoring, our staff is committed to a personalized education that supports learners’ needs.

During live tutoring sessions, a highly qualified learning facilitator guides learners towards reaching their academic goals. As an international school, we value our ability to service international students, second language learners, and world-schooling families. Whatever your circumstances or needs, we’re here to work with you.

We offer three different options:

Please get in touch with info@worldover.org to learn more, or register online (Elementary or Middle School) and a facilitator will contact you within 24-hours.

*Though high school is not listed, we do have tutors available.