Elementary Curriculum K-5

A curriculum rich in experiences, digital innovations, relationships, and discovery is the backbone of WorldOver International School and includes:

Each multi-disciplinary elementary course is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions specifically designed for age-appropriate learning.

Curriculum Gears

In our dual language immersion setting, core content is taught in the target language. In grades K-3, approximately 80% of daily interaction is in the target language. As learners progress, that percentage decreases to 50% of the instruction in the additional language. Live course sessions support literacy (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and provide learning opportunities with STEAM as the students develop language proficiency. Asynchronous sessions, resources, and subscription boxes are available to support each learner’s projects. All language courses meet a minimum of four days per week. Learners may select one of the following language offerings: English, Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin.

WorldOver designs unique project-based courses that embed:

Social-Emotional LearningWorldOver has established a learner-centered culture nurturing healthy social andemotional development for all learners. Opportunities exist through daily Morning Meetings where students gather in their social groups for engaging activities,character-building, and collaboration. Connecting and making friends across theglobe is a highlight for our learners. Each learner interacts with a personal academiccoach weekly. Academic coaches guide and support students as they grow and develop through the WorldOver learner profile.Projects are intentionally relevant and invite curiosity, wonder, and discovery. Learners are encouraged to use voice and choice as they become challenged to solve real-world problems and make global connections. Each student will also establish an individualized learning plan specifically designed to guide their growth.

Digital InnovationsEach Friday is Discovery Day at WorldOver International School. Our students can choose to participate in activities, courses, and clubs. The WorldOver course catalog offers various multi-discipline courses that are highly engaging, hands-on, and rich in academic support for all learners. Discovery Day is a day filled with play, creativity, and collaboration within the entire WorldOver Community.



Learner Schedule

Monday – Thursday
AM Sessions

PM Session

Discovery Day


From the Director

Thank you for considering WorldOver International School. We hope you find that we are committed to learning that is highly engaging, relevant, and filled with wonder and joy. WorldOver’s passion is to provide a learning experience that will inspire your child to share their gifts with the world. We offer customizable learning opportunities in a digital setting for learners in grades K-9. Courses consist of a blend of synchronous and asynchronous activities. Each month, learners are provided a subscription box with material and resources that will challenge them to extend learning beyond the digital format. Some of the items delivered to our learners include Rocket Notebooks, Oculus Quest 2 VR Goggles, and various novels, manipulatives, and resources.

Every WorldOver learner will have the opportunity to become bi-literate through our high-quality Dual Language Immersion programs. Currently, we are planning to offer three languages in the fall of 2021, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin, for all K-9 students. Because language, literacy, and culture are critical to us, each of our language courses is facilitated by a native language speaker.

We believe that innovative technology will have a significant impact on the future. Our children could have careers that are not yet created. At WorldOver, we want to expose all learners to 21st Century skills. Each learner will be comfortable as not only a consumer of technology but equally free to create. Throughout our course catalog, you will find courses that embed coding, virtual reality, video production, and mixed reality.

Learning has to be relevant; that is why WorldOver has committed to project-based learning. Every course is multidisciplinary and focused on a high-interest driving question. Learners have the opportunity to explore their talents, passions, and dreams as they bring their prior knowledge into the curriculum and make relevant connections.

We want to make ourselves available to you to answer any questions you may have regarding WorldOver. We encourage you to schedule an entrance interview or reach out to us.


Anne Wodetzki
WorldOver International School