Learning Japanese is All Fun and Games

Games We Play is the latest in our series of elementary Japanese courses. This class…Continue reading

Special Invitation for Wednesday!

WorldOver learners can attend an informational meeting on April 14 to learn how to design…Continue reading

Important Dates

April – Earth Month April 12 – Parent Advisory, 3PM PT April 16 – VR Club, 1…Continue reading

Recycling ~ Worth Fixing

In honor of Earth Month, we continue our focus on recycling. Sadly, the industry is…Continue reading

Quote of the Week

“Time spent among trees is never time wasted.” —Anonymous

Important Dates

April – Earth Month April 5 – First Day of Quarter 4 April 9 –…Continue reading

Special Invitation

WorldOver learners can attend an informational meeting on April 14 to learn how to design…Continue reading

Easy Earth-Friendly Tips!

April is Earth Month and there are things we can all do to take care…Continue reading

World Water Day

World Water Day!

How far do you walk to get a glass of water? If you said less…Continue reading

Brene Brown

A Glance at Brene Brown’s Work

If your curiosity is peaked, and you want to learn more about Brene Brown’s work, you…Continue reading

Brene Brown Worldover International School

Growing Up Strong with Brene Brown

Brene Brown is an admired researcher, professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host. Her work is…Continue reading

Trash or Treasure Worldover International

Toss, Recycle, or Repurpose?

Trash or Treasure gives 3-4 grade learners a chance to become better stewards of the…Continue reading

Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a great time to honor the contributions women have made to…Continue reading

Bienvenidos a Mi Restaurante Worldover International School

Bienvenidos a Mi Restaurante

Our online private school learners can get down to the business of building their Spanish fluency…Continue reading

Mathtastics K-1 Worldover International

Supercharged Mathtastics, K-1

WorldOver’s elementary course catalog is full of enticing, hands-on courses to get your child thinking…Continue reading

Cooking Worldover International

Savor a Second Language

Our online private school learners can ditch the workbooks and step into the kitchen to…Continue reading

Revolutionary Course Worldover International

A Revolutionary Course!

What defines a revolution? Was the Revolutionary War revolutionary? In our online humanities course, “Do…Continue reading

Black History Worldover International

Black History Resources

Black History Month is an annual celebration honoring African Americans’ achievements and their role in…Continue reading

Youth Poet

Youth Poet Speaks to the Nation

WorldOver International celebrates young changemakers like Amanda Gorman, who wowed the nation last week when…Continue reading

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Jr. was a man who dedicated his life to racial equality and justice, so…Continue reading

Favorite Books for Teens

Favorite Books of 2020 for Teens

Teens from public and private schools from across the country voted for their favorite books…Continue reading

Documentaries for Families

Documentaries for Family Viewing

‘Tis the season to curl up with a good documentary.  These family-friendly suggestions are recommended…Continue reading

Worldover Part Time Students

Welcome Package for Part-Time Students

WorldOver International School invites you to take advantage of our “Welcome Package.” This is an…Continue reading

Thanksgiving Games and Activities

In anticipation of next week’s holiday, we wanted to share some fun resources for games and activities.  This year,…Continue reading

Rediscovering my Love for Education

by Elsa Williamson When I first heard about the WorldOver International school project, I was a…Continue reading

Let’s Get Moving!

Are you sitting too much? A little movement can go a long way! Getting up…Continue reading

Digital Footprint

What is Your Digital Footprint?

Your digital footprint is the trail you leave behind in the virtual world. As online…Continue reading

Worldover Ryan Hickman

Globally Celebrated Guest Comes to Class

Learners in our private online humanities course, Finding Your Voice, had quite a treat last week when…Continue reading

Worldover Podcasts

Recommended Podcasts

Podcasts are great for all ages and can enhance family discussions and schooling experiences. The…Continue reading

How to Sharpen Your Study Skills

How to Sharpen Your Study Skills 

1. Pick up a pen or pencil. Taking handwritten notes can increase your ability to…Continue reading

Social Emotional Learning

   The Importance of Social Emotional Learning

Private and public schools across the nation have been implementing social and emotional learning (SEL)…Continue reading

Welcome Families

Welcome Families!

Welcome to WorldOver International School! You are part of a ground-breaking, innovative program designed to…Continue reading

Worldover International School

Important Dates for Our Families

Thank you for choosing WorldOver International School as your child’s private online school. Milestones –…Continue reading

Benefits of Private Online Schools Worldover

Benefits of Private Online Schools

For those of you who are new to private online schooling, you are in for…Continue reading

Tips For Success in a Private Online School

Tips for Success in a Private Online School

There are many benefits to online learning, but it takes a little planning to increase…Continue reading

Choosing a Private Online School

 What to Ask When Choosing a Private Online School

Educators at WorldOver International School empathize with parents who are struggling to find the best…Continue reading

What Happens With Learning This Fall?

Parents around the world are grappling with fall schooling decisions because of COVID-19.  Many are…Continue reading

Tough Conversations to Foster Youth Leadership and Action

By Allison Bravo, WorldOver Program Coordinator “Children learn how to make good decisions by making…Continue reading

Private Online School

7 Reasons Our Private Online School Is The Way To Go This Fall

Venturing into the private online school scene can seem intimidating, but at WorldOver, we strive…Continue reading