What does personalized learning mean to this program?

Project-based-learning (PBL) is flexible and personalized. Our courses are created in-house by expert educators who can make additional adjustments to curriculum, projects, and pacing guides without compromising the course’s integrity and rigor.

Your child’s Academic Coach will come to know their learning style and areas of interest.

Where does the curriculum come from for your private online school?

Our highly qualified facilitators design, curate, and write our project-based curriculum.

PBL requires that students learn at a deeper level than when using a standard online curriculum; students are held to a higher level of accountability because they must demonstrate their understanding.

What standards do you follow?

Our core academic courses are aligned with US Common Core Standards (English Language Arts and Mathematics), Next Generation Science Standards, and the internationally recognized US National Council of Social Studies Standards.

Our curriculum is also aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education Standards and the National Quality Standards for Online Learning.

Are your classes in English?

Yes, our classes are in English. However, we serve students who are English language learners. We have two English Bridge classes available to part-time and full-time students.

Are you religiously affiliated?

No. We welcome families of all belief systems, faiths, and practices.

Part-Time Options

Do you offer part-time courses?

Yes, we do. Please visit https://worldover.org/membership to learn more.

Do you offer courses for credit recovery?

We do have options for credit recovery, and we are happy to share more information. Please email info@worldover.org.


Do students spend all day online?

WorldOver is an online school, but we engage students in active (not passive) learning. While some discussions, meetings, and classes are online, much of the learning takes place offline — where students are actively involved in hands-on learning activities.

Human Connections

Will my child’s teachers and peers have an opportunity to get to know them?

Yes. WorldOver courses are created with interaction in mind; this includes discussions with peers and facilitators, one-on-one virtual meetings, live tutoring, and multiple collaboration opportunities. Full-time students work with an academic coach who offers guidance, academic planning, and coursework.

Will my child miss out on socialization?

Initially, this may be a big worry for families; friends/relatives sometimes feed the fear. However, as time passes, families discover kids have plenty of chances to socialize. They may even have more free time to spend with friends because they can use their school time more efficiently.
WorldOver courses provide opportunities to develop communication and conflict resolution skills — as well as peer relationships.

Special Services

Do you offer special education?

No. We do not offer special education services; however, every learner enrolled at WorldOver full-time co-creates an Individualized Learning Plan with their learning team. Our educators are masters in customization and personal support. Many families find accommodations and modifications on a typical IEP built into our model of education.

How do you support learners who are struggling?

The Individualized Learning Plan created for each student at the start of every school year serves as our guiding document to a personalized educational experience. We value the productive struggle process and are experts in guiding perceived failures as opportunities for growth and future success. Facilitators, academic coaches, peers, and support staff work with your family and child to create a comprehensive support system. WorldOver courses include options for accommodations. We have an open-door policy to meet with your family as a learning team to discuss struggles before they turn into major issues.


What are the technology requirements?

At a minimum, any device with internet access will suffice. We strongly recommend a computer (laptop or desktop) with an internal camera and microphone.

Does my child have to be good at technology?

No. Digital citizenship and online learning are skills we teach.

How is my child protected so that data cannot be stolen or sold?

WorldOver uses a secure learning management system for all student data, and we follow FERPA guidelines.Safety and security are one of our top priorities.


Is there tuition? If so, what is included in the cost?

Yes, as a non-profit, online private school, we do charge tuition. Tuition includes: live access to teachers and learning coaches, teacher/parent interaction and support, virtual reality field trips, grades, and transcripts.

Is there tuition assistance available?

We do offer payment plans, family discounts, and a limited number of scholarships. To learn more, please contact our admissions team at admissions@worldover.org.