What does personalized learning mean to this program?

Project-based-learning (PBL) is flexible and personalized, and because our courses are created in-house, our expert educators can make additional adjustments to curriculum, projects, and pacing guides to meet the needs of each student without compromising the integrity and rigor of the course.

Your child will also be assigned a coach who will come to know their learning style and areas of interest.

Where does the curriculum come from for your private online school?

Unlike the majority of online schools, we do not purchase pre-packaged curriculum. Our project-based, online curriculum is unique to our school; it is designed, curated, and written by our team of highly qualified facilitators. We carefully curate open-source resources to maximize the most current and relevant content to support original projects. PBL requires that students learn at a deeper level than when using a normal online curriculum, and students are held to a higher level of accountability because they must demonstrate their understanding of material.

Is this a direct-instruction school?

No, students do not sit in daily classes to receive instruction from a teacher. We guide our students to become independent researchers, thinkers, and producers — and to use technology to get support. This requires a willingness to become self-directed learners and to reach out and ask for teacher support when they feel lost, frustrated, or stuck.

What standards do you follow?

Our core academic courses are aligned with US Common Core Standards (English Language Arts and Mathematics), Next Generation Science Standards, and the internationally recognized, US National Council of Social Studies Standards. However, we do not consider ourselves standards-based. We use the above academic standards to inform the curriculum, but we do not center standards as the primary learning objective.

Our curriculum is also aligned to the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for students, teachers, and leaders, and the National Quality Standards for Online Learning.

Are your classes in English?

Yes, our classes are in English. However, we are fully prepared to serve students who are English language learners. We have two English Bridge classes available to part-time and full-time students.

Are you religiously affiliated?

No. WorldOver recognizes spiritual development as a key to holistic child development and human experience. However, religion is not incorporated into any curriculum or programming of the school. We welcome families of all belief systems, faiths, and practices.

Part-Time Options

Do you offer part-time courses?

Yes, if you are interested in taking courses with us but are enrolled in another school, please contact info@worldover.org for more information.

Do you offer courses for credit recovery?

We do have options for credit recovery, and we are happy to share more information. Please email info@worldover.org.


How many hours per day should my child spend on schoolwork?

A virtual school day is inherently different from a traditional school day. Students don’t move from class to class, line up for lunch, etc. All of the time saved adds up and results in a shorter school day. The benefit of online learning is that students have the freedom to work at their own pace. Some learners will spend little time in academic courses and more time perfecting their impact projects in their local communities. Other learners may spend quite a bit of time on daily academics. We work with your family to find the routine that fits into your goals and lifestyle.

What is the course schedule?

Most learning is asynchronous through our virtual learning platform. This means that learners can work anytime from anywhere. At the beginning of each semester, students recieve a schedule for live weekly meetings (mastermind meetings), facilitator office hours, and optional live course sessions. Because we operate globally, we do our best to accommodate various time zones and give families as much warning as possible if changes must occur.

Do students spend all day online?

WorldOver is an online school, but we engage students in active (not passive) learning. While discussions, meetings, and classes are online, much of the learning takes place offline. Students actively involved in hands-on learning activities and community-based projects, such as internships, working alongside a mentor, or volunteering. Students are not “plugged in” for hours on end.

How much work do I have to do to ensure my child’s success in your program?

Generally speaking, the younger the student, the more assistance parents will need to provide, but that does not mean it is a full-day commitment. Schooling at home is far more efficient than schooling in a traditional setting. We do provide all the online private course content and ample support from our educators. We also offer a weekly support group for parents, tutors, teachers, or other caregivers supporting the WorldOver curriculum.

Human Connections

Will my child’s teachers have an opportunity to get to know them?

In our current global community, we believe it’s important to give students the tools they need to use technology to connect with peers, their instructors, and their coaches in a meaningful, authentic, and safe way. We believe that human connection is vital and our philosophy is informed by both Love and Logic and the 7 Habits as tools for human connection. We have a low student/teacher ratio (on average 10:1) and meet frequently as a learning team to ensure that all students are thriving.

Is there live interaction with teachers and peers?

Yes! WorldOver courses are created with interaction in mind; this includes discussions with peers and facilitators, one-on-one virtual meetings, live tutoring, and multiple collaboration opportunities. Full-time students work with an academic coach who offers guidance, academic planning, and coursework. Our students have the unique opportunity to be part of an international student cohort based on a particular interest — which leads to social interaction and lifelong connections.

How do we know our child is actively engaged in learning and not just logged-in and “checked-out?”

We engage students in active learning. While discussions, meetings, and classes are online, much of the learning takes place offline. Students are actively involved in hands-on learning activities and community-based projects, such as internships, working alongside a mentor, or volunteering. Students are not “plugged in” for hours on end. One of the greatest strengths of the WorldOver online private school model is that we are project-based and product-oriented. We grade what students produce – which speaks volumes about their learning. We do not require specific login times. This approach allows students flexibility and the greatest degree of authentic, deep learning. It also avoids hours and hours of busy work or the ability to copy/paste answers from different resources.

Will my child miss out on socialization?

Initially, this may be a big worry for families. Friends and relatives will sometimes feed this fear. However, as time passes, so does this worry. Kids have plenty of opportunities to socialize. In fact, they may have more free time to spend with friends because they can use their school time more efficiently. We encourage families to plan a robust social system for their children locally and can help support that if not already in place.

WorldOver learners also choose a cohort based on an interest/skill they would like to pursue. They work with a group of peers who share that interest, and students are in regular communication. They discuss, design, and implement projects for their local communities — yet they are working with their peers on a global level, exchanging ideas. Ample opportunities to develop communication, conflict resolution, and peer relationships occur through academic coursework. Additionally, extracurricular virtual activities and clubs provide opportunities to forge lifelong friendships.

Special Services

Do you offer special education?

No. We do not offer special education services; however, every learner enrolled at WorldOver full-time co-creates an Individual Learning Plan with their learning team. Our courses are fully customizable. And our educators are masters in differentiation, customization, and personal support. Many families find accommodations and modifications on a typical IEP built into our model of education.

How do you support learners who are struggling?

The Individual Learning Plan created for each learner at the start of every school year serves as our guiding document to a personalized educational experience. We value the process of productive struggle and are experts in guiding perceived failures as opportunities for growth and future success. Facilitators, academic coaches, peers, and support staff work with your family and child to create a comprehensive support system. WorldOver courses are designed to include options for accommodations and customization. Course facilitators hold live office hours weekly. We have an open-door policy to meet with your family as a learning team to discuss struggles before they turn into major issues.


Are your teachers experienced with online teaching?

Yes, our facilitators are all highly-qualified; we have a rigorous hiring and training process that ensures we have a skilled staff well-versed in private online education. We engage with international experts weekly for ongoing training, support, and development.

What are the technology requirements?

At minimum, any device with internet access will suffice. We strongly recommend a computer (laptop or desktop) with internal camera and microphone. A list of recommended technology will be provided upon full-time admission.

Does my child have to be good at technology?

No! Digital citizenship and online learning are skills we teach.

What guarantees are there that my family and child are adequately protected so that data cannot be stolen and/or sold?

WorldOver uses a secure learning management system for all student data, and we follow FERPA guidelines. Safety and security are our top priorities, not only in practice but as a philosophy we teach our students as well.

Graduation and Beyond

Do you offer International Students American Diplomas?

Yes, and students don’t need an F-1 Visa. You may earn an American Diploma as a dual diploma or singular diploma from your country of residence.

How will my child be prepared for admission into a college/university?

Worldover begins the process of helping students envision their future long before the final years of high school. Using a K-Career model of planning and doing and a portfolio model of assessment and showcase, learners integrate their work in courses, projects, extracurriculars, and life to build a strong snapshot of growth and achievement. Personalized, in-depth college counseling is available to all families throughout the year.


Is there tuition? If so, what is included in the cost?

Yes, as a non-profit, online private school, we do charge tuition. Tuition includes: live access to teachers and learning coaches, peer cohorts, tutoring, teacher/parent interaction and support, grades, and transcripts.

Is there tuition assistance available?

We do offer payment plans, family discounts, and financial aid. To learn more please contact our admissions team at admissions@worldover.org.