Mission and Values

WorldOver International School is a nonprofit private online school. We believe in the power of 21C technology and distance tools to reach students across the globe. We strive to inspire joy, wonder, and discovery about the world we live in, along with the courage to make a difference.

Mission Statement

WorldOver International School fosters a global, virtual ecosystem for students in grades K-12. Borderless learning for students across the globe leads us to discover that we are more similar than different — and that together, we can solve problems. Using the best of 21C technology, collaboration tools, design thinking, project-based learning, and a focus on the whole child, WorldOver International School provides a comprehensive educational experience. An experience that fosters global relationships, spurs local action, cultivates student interests and strengths, enhances critical-thinking skills, and develops lifelong learners who become problem-solvers and changemakers in their communities and the world.

The Power of Connection

Technology can keep us more connected than ever before, and WorldOver International School seeks to take advantage of all of the technological tools available to build connections and support learners. In the hands of expert facilitators, technology can enhance the art of teaching and learning. Our goal is to support 21st-century learners with the tools and skills they need for today’s world and the world of tomorrow. These skills include critical thinking, social-emotional learning, problem-solving, effective time management, and much more.

Learners have access to:

Each of these individuals at WorldOver International School is committed to every single child’s wellbeing and success – in the broadest sense of the word. This team works together to support learners so that they can reach their individual goals and engage in deep and meaningful learning experiences.