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WorldOver International School is the perfect model in which groups, organizations, and companies can thrive as a learning community. When groups of youth interact, work, or play together through a shared life passion (athletics, entertainment, arts, travel, etc.), they learn together. Using our live weekly mastermind cohorts for skill-building and social-emotional wellness and time with academic coaches, learners have the unique opportunity to extend their passion in life to their work in school. WorldOver can design an education program tailored to your school or organization.


Organizations, Athletics, Entertainment, Military

Connect a national or international group of young people in learning. Distance is no longer a barrier to learning together. Cohorts of youth engaging in similar adventures can take their shared interests into the classroom.

Ideal for:

If you are an organization, coach, or parent who works with a group of talented youth looking for a flexible and customized learning experience, you’ve found the right place. We will work with you to create a system to fit your group’s unique needs.

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