Path to Graduation and Beyond

We believe all life experiences are valuable sources of education. Our personalized approach to college and career planning allows learners to use experiences outside of a traditional system toward school and graduation requirements.

Each student creates an Individualized Learning Plan and Graduation Plan during our two-week induction period at the start of each school year. This living document serves as the compass the learning team uses to design a personalized academic program for each learner. Growth, reflection, and achievement are captured in our digital portfolio system to show evidence that the Individualized Learning Plan was achieved.

Middle School Promotion Requirements

Learners must show adequate progress in the following areas for grade-level promotion:

High School Graduation Requirements

WorldOver is developing a rigorous and flexible path to high school graduation. As a private online school, it’s our intention to remain competitive with state graduation requirements and college admission requirements with multiple graduation pathways. Founding families will have a significant influence in the design of high school program.