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WorldOver International is an online course vendor.

We partner with families, schools, and organizations to provide:

Live K-12 Core and Elective Classes • Tutoring for Individuals and Small Groups • Enrichment Clubs



WorldOver International was thoughtfully created for
project-based, virtual learning opportunities, and social-emotional connections.

What is Project-Based Learning (PBL)?

Learners engage in real-world issues through personally meaningful projects. They identify an issue, complete research, and present an evidence-based solution.

With PBL, learners:

  • Become problem solvers and collaborators
  • Make personal connections to their learning
  • Deepen their understanding and retention of material
  • Become independent workers and critical thinkers
What are Interdisciplinary Courses?

Learners study multiple subjects simultaneously in one course. For example, students in a science course may also be concentrating on math and language arts skills.

Interdisciplinary courses encourage learners to:

  • Cover topics in-depth
  • Compare and contrast concepts across subject lines
  • Model real-world learning
  • Analyze ideas and solve problems
What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Learners develop skills vital for success: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

SEL increases the likelihood learners will:

  • Graduate from high school and college
  • Have successful careers
  • Foster positive relationships
  • Manage their mental health


Partner with Us

WorldOver provides an ecosystem of innovative learning options for immediate and long-term needs. We partner with schools, districts, and individuals to bring these opportunities to learners worldwide:

    • Live courses, tutoring, and enrichment clubs
    • Project-based learning, social-emotional learning, and cutting-edge technology
    • Extended learning opportunities (including ESSER eligible programs)

Which of these are you considering: Core Academic Courses, Elective Courses, Tutoring, or Enrichment Clubs?



Ready to learn more?

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