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WorldOver’s courses are project-based, interdisciplinary,
and embedded with social-emotional learning.

What is Project-Based Learning (PBL)?

Learners engage in real-world issues through personally meaningful projects. They identify an issue, complete research, and present an evidence-based solution.

With PBL, learners:

  • Become problem solvers and collaborators
  • Make personal connections to their learning
  • Deepen their understanding and retention of material
  • Become independent workers and critical thinkers
What are Interdisciplinary Courses?

Learners study multiple subjects simultaneously in one course. For example, students in a science course may also be concentrating on math and language arts skills.

Interdisciplinary courses encourage learners to:

  • Cover topics in-depth
  • Compare and contrast concepts across subject lines
  • Model real-world learning
  • Analyze ideas and solve problems
What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Learners develop skills vital for success: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

SEL increases the likelihood learners will:

  • Graduate from high school and college
  • Have successful careers
  • Foster positive relationships
  • Manage their mental health

“VR is perfect for kids who are thriving in the virtual environment. It offers them a way to gain physical presence.
They can go for a walk together, visit an art gallery together, go to the movies and so on and so on.”

Ramon Hamilton, VR Developer, Facilitator

Why is VR Valuable?

In Virtual Reality, learners can dramatically enhance their learning experience and environment. Students meet in innovative and imaginative virtual spaces to collaborate, develop community (even if thousands of miles apart), and immerse themselves in various subjects and topics.

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The WorldOver Learner Profile

  • Empowered Human
  • Global Citizen
  • Constructor
  • Collaborator
  • Designer
  • Communicator
  • Relective Learner
  • Digital Citizen

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