What Our Families Are Saying…

“My youngest son is now in his third year as a WorldOver learner and what has impressed me the most is the way he has grown as a leader. Through WorldOver he has developed strong leadership skills and found his voice. It is a joy to see.”

“We started homeschooling during the beginning of the pandemic, and it was overwhelming in many ways. Then we found WorldOver. It offered us the ability to school from home (which we wanted) without placing all of the work on our shoulders as parents, who are running our own business from home. My children are happy and thriving as learners, and as parents we are able to focus on our business. It’s a win-win.”

“I never thought we would school from home, but WorldOver has made me so glad that we do. My kids have grown as leaders and learners with WorldOver. It is the perfect educational fit for our family.”

“COVID showed us that virtual learning, while not new, is valuable. This environment can work, and brick and mortar schools don’t work for everyone.”

WorldOver Parent

“I like how Worldover makes the classes so customizable. This has enabled me to go deeper into my love of horses and being an equestrian.”

Middle Schooler

“We are just dazzled by the support you and your team give our kids. I am so excited for them to grow new skill sets with all of the facilitator support!”

WorldOver Parent

“We want everyone to have the kind of experience in learning we are getting to have.”

WorldOver Elementary Parent

“Because of WorldOver, now I have a learner for life!”

Parent of Elementary Student

“The educators have done a phenomenal job engaging our children and helping them to develop skills to be independent thinkers and find ways to problem solve, coaching and supporting them along the way.”

WorldOver Parent

“The flexibility that online provides its students is extraordinary, and this has allowed our children to focus their learning around things they are passionate about. It is a gift to connect children to their curriculum in a personal way so that the lessons take on depth and meaning.”

WorldOver Parent

“We are delighted with our World Over experience and have seen such excitement and enthusiasm from our children about their coursework this quarter.”

WorldOver Parent

“The project-based learning helps you see the connections between what you are learning in class and how it relates to the world.”

Middle School Learner