Welcome Package for Part-Time Students

Worldover Part Time Students

WorldOver International School invites you to take advantage of our “Welcome Package.” This is an opportunity to enroll in a private online school as a part-time student. Expert teachers guide students through project-based learning.

The Welcome Package Includes Three Courses!

1) Choose Two Secondary Courses or Two Elementary Courses Secondary Offerings

Elementary Offerings

2) Choose One VR Field Trip, See Course Catalog for Description

3) Review Our Welcome Package Offer
Each Package Includes:

  1. Three Customized courses with flexible scheduling
  2. Enrollment counseling
  3. Facilitator consultations
  4. Professional evaluations and feedback
  5. Resources, digital texts & libraries
  6. Learning management system access & implementation

4) Pricing and Registration
Save $200 when you enroll before January 2021!

Register Today or contact us with your questions.
Phone # +1 888-380-5281
Email – info@worldover.org

WorldOver International
WorldOver International School is a nonprofit K-12 Independent Private Online School. We believe in the power of 21C technology and distance tools to reach students around the globe.
WorldOver International
WorldOver International

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