Schools & Organizations

Offer Your Families More
Without Asking More of Your Teachers

Benefits of Partnering with WorldOver International
  • Increasing student enrollment and retention
  • Providing before or after school activities
  • Building a sense of community
  • Delivering sought after classes
  • Expanding course offerings without hiring additional teachers
  • Engaging kids in project-based learning
  • Enhancing social-emotional outcomes for all students
  • Customizing offerings to fit the needs of your learners
  • WorldOver teachers are experienced in virtually delivering rich content. They also have classroom teaching experience — giving them a unique vantage point.
  • Our classes do not add to the workload of your current teaching staff.
  • WorldOver teachers facilitate the learning, evaluate student work, and communicate with the teachers and parents as requested by the partnering school or organization.
Before and After School Activities
  • Keep learners engrossed in meaningful projects and activities.
  • Provide an opportunity for kids to connect with their peers.
  • Assure parents that their kids are engaged and actively learning.
  • Available during holiday breaks
Our Partners
  • School districts
  • Individual public schools — including charter schools
  • Private schools
  • Homeschool organizations
  • Childcare Centers
Class Examples
  • Japanese (including Japanese through Gaming)
  • Spanish
  • Minecraft Club
  • Art Classes and Clubs
  • Virtual Reality Lab (and courses with VR embedded)
  • Computer Programming/Coding Classes
  • Readers’ Theater
  • Digital Photography
  • Visual and Performing Arts Courses
  • Tutoring Services in various subjects
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