From Luxembourg to the US ~ Leading by Example

Worldover International School

Echternach, Luxembourg

WorldOver facilitator, Ruth Maas, is a beautiful example of a lifelong learner. Her interests range from VR to drumming to speaking multiple languages. Her first week of the fall quarter reflected the joy she finds in discovering and learning new things.

In her Math Bake-Off class, Ms. Maas worked with a Luxembourg learner whose mom happens to be a professional baker! Many people would have been intimidated teaching a baking class to a learner whose mom bakes for a living – but not Ms. Maas! She managed to lead the math lessons and learn a few things herself:

Ms. Maas is a teacher, a lifelong learner, and an inspiration to those lucky enough to attend her classes or work alongside her. 





WorldOver International
WorldOver International School is a nonprofit K-12 Independent Private Online School. We believe in the power of 21C technology and distance tools to reach students around the globe.
WorldOver International
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