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Zero or Hero? & Eloquent Egyptologist, Grades 6-8


Social Sciences/Global Learning

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  • Grade Level(s): 6,7,8
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    Mondays and Wednesdays - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PT Live, interactive classes are offered twice per week. Learners complete independent work outside of regular class time.

Course Description

Part 1: Hero or Zero?
What makes someone a hero? Learners will read different types of short stories each week and complete a character analysis to decide if the character is a “”hero”” or a “”zero.”” Students will think critically, ask questions, and draw conclusions. The course will conclude with the learners creating their own modern-day superhero and constructing a short story about their character.

Part 2: Eloquent Egyptologist
As students go back in time to explore Ancient Egyptian history, they will strive to answer the driving question – How can I bring awareness to untold histories? They will explore Ancient Egypt’s history, culture, and architecture and complete hands-on projects to deepen their understanding and retention. In addition, learners will use persuasive writing to highlight under-researched areas of Egyptian history.




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