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Animal Extinction & Paleontology, Grades K-2



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  • Grade Level(s): K,1,2
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    Tuesdays and Thursdays - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PT Live, interactive classes are offered twice per week. Learners complete independent work outside of regular class time.

Course Description

Part 1: Animal Extinction
Whatever happened to the Dodo Bird or the Woolly Mammoth? Learners will investigate animals that once lived but have gone extinct. First, they will explore what causes animal extinction. Next, they will research an animal that has gone extinct and present what they learned to their peers, including information about the creature’s habitat and why it became extinct.

Part 2: Paleontology
Following their extinction studies, learners will dive into the study of dinosaurs. They will learn about the time when dinosaurs lived, explore fossils, and how paleontologists use fossils to learn more about dinosaurs. Finally, learners will create their own fossil dig and teach others about a specific dinosaur.




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