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Mathematics for Middle School, Grade 7


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  • Grade Level(s): 7
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    Mondays and Thursdays - 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT Live, interactive classes are offered twice per week. Learners complete independent work outside of regular class time.

Course Description

Part 1
Learners will apply directional concepts of the coordinate plane to solve problems. Using the slope-intercept formula (y = mx + b), learners will calculate distances and slopes. Learners will have fun working on real-life projects, including aerospace, geography, and engineering. In doing so, learners will practice drawing 2- and 3-dimensional objects.

Part 2
Learners will learn in-depth geometry concepts, including making stunning artwork by drawing tessellations and perspective line art. In addition, they will reflect and rotate geometric designs, have fun constructing 3-dimensional shapes, and experiment with building 3-dimensional objects in virtual reality.




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