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Mathematics for Middle School, Grade 6


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  • Grade Level(s): 6
  • Meeting Times:

    Mondays and Thursdays - 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PT Live, interactive classes are offered twice per week. Learners complete independent work outside of regular class time.

Course Description

Part 1
Learners will study how data is collected, calculated, and presented. They will examine graphs and interpret the results using data averages, data outliers, and extrapolation. Learners will practice constructing different types of data displays using both hand and computer-generated graphs. Using commercial graphs, learners will determine if the projected results are realistic or misleading.

Part 2
Learners will focus on geometry, including repeated patterns and designs using rays and angles. They will use a ruler, protractor, drawing compass, and square to make geometric designs. In addition, learners will construct 2D and 3D polygons and practice reflection, rotation, and duplication properties.




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