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English Language Arts, Grades 6/7

* Final bill for Blue Ridge families will be $500 per Year Long Course Selection

To make your selection for purchase use the "Semester Course Descriptions" dropdown below.

Students may enroll in one semester or for the full year at a discounted rate.

Semester One: Live classes begin on August 29, and January 11 is the final day to submit projects and assignments.

Semester Two: Live classes begin on January 23, and June 2 is the final day to submit projects and assignments.

*All courses are nonsectarian.

Colorado Skies Academy

Learners can commit to a club or try out different offerings. We have punch pass options that will save families money and give learners flexible scheduling.

IMPORTANT: Clubs run from 1-3 hours, and every hour is one punch; for example, a one hour club is one punch, and a two hour club is two punches, etc. Please read the club descriptions to find the specific length.

Digital Punch Cards will be tracked by after-school staff, and they expire at the end of the school year. Parents will be kept informed of their child’s card balance.Additional cards can be purchased during the year.


  • $250 for 20 punches ($12.50 per punch)
  • $150 for 10 punches ($15 per punch)
  • $80 for 5 punches ($16 per punch)
  • Daily Drop-in Rate ($25)


Drone Soccer Club - Drone Soccer is taking flight at CSA! This team sport will allow our learners to apply aerospace engineering and computer science to an exciting after-school club. Come learn how to fly and repair drones. The club will take place on the Exploration of Flight grounds. The club meets for two hours per week (2 punches).

PLEASE NOTE - Drone Soccer may become a school sport later in the year and be removed from WorldOver’s club list. For the first quarter, the club will meet seven times.

CSA Plane Spotting Club - This club offers Aviation information, plane spotting, aircraft identification, memorizing the aviation alphabet, and possibly the use of the Boeing Blue Sky Gallery. First, this club will teach about aircraft and the information needed in a classroom setting. Then plane-spotting will start the week of Labor Day from the school recess area. The requirements for the club are: interest in aviation knowledge, respect for others, willingness to listen to those older and younger than themselves, and a willingness to learn and enjoy! The club meets for one hour per week (1 punch).


Conversational Spanish Our club facilitator will join us from her home in Mexico! Learners will build a practical foundation of high-frequency vocabulary and common phrases, which will prepare them for various everyday situations. The club meets for one hour per week (1 punch).


Chess Club - Playing chess increases problem-solving and logic skills. Join us for a friendly game and occasional competitions. The club meets for one hour per week (1 punch).


Board Game & VR Gaming Club Learners can enjoy a variety of board games to play or join in on some multiplayer VR games. Learners can choose from the selection of board games the school has to offer or bring in their own. For VR participants, a Quest or Quest 2 headset is mandatory and must be provided by the learner. Initial VR game selections will be, but are not limited to: Gym Class - Basketball VR, V-Speedway and Horizon Worlds. Club meets for one hour per week (1 punch).


Movie Club - End your week with popcorn and a movie. Movie themes include aviation, space, science fiction, and social-emotional connections. Learners will engage in activities and discussions based on the movie chosen. Movie Club meets for three hours per week (3 punches).

When a learner is picked up more than 15 min. late, they are subject to an additional punch on their pass. However, in the case of an emergency, this may be waived.



  • Grade Level(s): 6,7
  • Meeting Times:

    Tuesdays and Thursdays - 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT Live, interactive classes are offered twice per week. Learners complete independent work outside of regular class time.

Course Information

Semester 1

Unit 1: “Free Lunch” Free Lunch is the touching, true story of Rex Ogle and his young life in a family with little money. Readers learn how Rex manages and even moves toward his dreams. In addition to language arts, learners concentrate on sociology, innovative thinking, and the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens.”

Unit 2: “The Girl Who Drank the Moon” “The Girl Who Drank the Moon” by Kelly Barnhill is a fantasy that touches on power, corruption, and the desire to do the right thing. Learners expand their understanding of poetry, vocabulary, writing styles, and literary elements (first and third-person perspectives, foreshadowing, irony, symbolism, climax, and theme). Projects combine art with literature. Standards for both grade levels are addressed throughout the semester.   

Semester 2

Unit 1: “The Thing About Luck” Learners will be reading the highly acclaimed book “The Thing About Luck” by Cynthia Kadohata. The book tells the story of Americans whose families have come from very different cultures and must make difficult decisions. Learners will explore several themes: appreciating what we have, investigating luck and what it means to be lucky, confronting fear, taking responsibility, and developing character. Narrative and creative writing, vocabulary development, and problem-solving are embedded in the class.

Unit 2: “The Crossover” Poetry and basketball join forces in the middle school novel “The Crossover” by Kwame Alexander. Learners concentrate on many literary elements (genre, point of view, theme, setting, tone, mood, protagonist, antagonist, climax, parallelism, foreshadowing, allusions). In addition, they explore different types of poetry, compare and contrast literature, and demonstrate their understanding through project-based learning.  Standards for both grade levels are addressed throughout the semester.

Unit 3: Personal Project In this unit, learners will read their choice of books and articles to produce a personal project, a structured yet creative assignment with a driving question, action steps, process journal, process report, and demonstration of learning. This is a very empowering unit of study!

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