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vr lab

Virtual Reality Lab

“VR is perfect for kids who are thriving in the virtual environment. It offers them…Continue reading

What is Your Learning Style?

How do you learn best? Learners are often identified as a certain type: visual, auditory,…Continue reading

Summer Activities Worldover International School

Easy Activities

Summer is knocking at the door! While kids will spend hours playing, swimming, and lounging,…Continue reading

Worldover Important Dates

Important Dates

June 8 – Showcases of Learning June 14-17  – VR Field Trips June 18 – VR…Continue reading

Monday Message Worldover International School

Monday Message, 06-07-2021

As we move into our last two weeks of online schooling, this quote seems appropriate….Continue reading

Worldover Important Dates

Important Dates

May 25th – Virtual Town Hall,  6:00 PST May 28 – VR Club, 1 PM PST Yugioh Club,…Continue reading

Worldover International School Summer

Fun Summer Virtual Experiences

Engage and excite your child/children this summer through WorldOver International’s unique summer virtual learning experiences….Continue reading

VR Learning Worldover

WorldOver Feature Article!

WorldOver International School Redefines Personalized, Globalized Learning Author: Michael Niehoff | Category: 21st-Century Skills In…Continue reading

Ted Talks for Teens

TED Talks Recommend by Teens

 TED Talks are short presentations that focus on an array of topics. The company’s tagline…Continue reading

AAPI Month

May is AAPI Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.  This is an opportunity to shine…Continue reading

Worldover Important Dates

Important Dates

April 29 – Town Hall, 6 PM PST,  Eventbrite April 30 – VR Club, 1 PM PST,…Continue reading