Middle School, 6-8

During the transformative middle school years, students gain independence and become more self-reliant. They explore digital innovations, develop time management/study skills, and deepen their academic and social-emotional learning. Each quarter-long learning cycle includes interdisciplinary courses that are a combination of live and independent sessions. Subject matter commonly includes:

Language Arts: Writing for a Variety of Purposes/Audiences, Presentation Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary Acquisition, Literacy in History/Social Studies/ Science/Technical Subjects/Literature

Social Sciences: History/Social Studies, Geography, Civics, Economics, Political Science

Math: Ratios and Proportions, Expressions and Equations, Statistics and Probability, Number Systems, Geometry, Functions (concepts are presented in a logical sequence and increase in difficulty as learners progress)

Science: Physical, Life, Earth, Space

Technology: Virtual Reality, Computer Science, Video Production

Visual and Performing Arts: Acting, Drawing, Painting, Digital Arts, Digital Photography

World Languages: Spanish, Japanese, English

Courses Embed:

What does a typical day look like for a learner?

Because we offer families flexibility, schedules vary. Learners engage in core and elective courses and projects throughout the day. They can also gather with peers and a facilitator in a Base Camp meeting. Here learners focus on digital citizenship, social-emotional learning, study skills, peer discussions, and projects based on student interests.

If you are interested in establishing a schedule, we are happy to help create one that suits your family’s needs.